Thiruvathira Dance classes for all!

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Thiruvathirakali is a dance form performed by women on the day of Thiruvathira to the accompaniment of Thiruvathira paattu and folk songs telling tales. The sinuous movements executed by the group of dancers around a nilavilakku embody lasya or the amorous charm and grace of the feminine. The dance follows a circular, pirouetting pattern accompanied by clapping of the hands and singing. Today, Thiruvathirakali has become a popular dance form for all seasons. Thiruvathira kali is a typical dance form of Kerala. This is a female group dance made up of simple yet very attractive steps

MAUK Thiruvathira classes are always sold in a pack of 5.  We believe this is the minimum a student needs to get a true taste of thiruvathira. We want everyone to get a taste of this beautiful dance form.  Classes take place every two weeks.

Class optionsFee
Book 5 classes (for MAUK members)£20
Book 5 classes (for non-members)£25
Book 5 classes for 2 people (Members)£30
Book 5 classes for 2 people (For non-members)£40


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Disclaimer: If you have any injuries or health conditions please let the host know through private message and we will pass it on to the teacher. The teacher will let you know if you could use any alternate steps that you could do or avoid those steps. We also recommend that you speak to your doctor. Before the class, please take a look around you to see if you have enough space to move and there are no objects in the way. By taking part in the class you recognise that you take responsibility for your physical and mental health during the class. You also accept it is your responsibility to take precautions and get clearance from a medical professional for yourself and your children before attending the class.

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