60+ Sisters Club

In 2006, Mrs Girija Nair (late), who was a dedicated M.A.U.K. volunteer, started the Sisters Club with a vision to provide friendship and support for women over the age of 60.

The Club, which takes place on Tuesday from 1 PM to 4 PM, was operational with its regular activities during the first couple of months in 2020, providing its regular activities including singing, poetry, dancing, light exercise sessions, food tasting, training for cultural shows, day trips, etc.

Members of the Club have formed a strong bond and are a support network for each other. Hence, it was inevitable that M.A.U.K. volunteers had to improvise to keep them connected during the shutdown and self- quarantine. This has led to our volunteers going the extra mile to remotely train Elders to take part in online meet-ups and shows.

Members of the Club meet regularly online to participate in various well-being activities. Please get in touch with us on 07525 268418 if you wish to take part in these meetings

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