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M.A.U.K Volunteer List

M.A.U.K is a volunteer led organisation. From the initial consultation stage to the final evalution, our volunteers take ownership of most of our projects. We are extremely grateful that we have a pool of volunteers from all walks of life whose skills, knowledge and expertise we can count on. We sincerly thank all our selfless, alturistic volunteers whose tireless effort to make our society better is most admirable.

We whole-heartedly welcome more volunteers whose vision and strength will enhance our community spirit and strengthen our resolve to work for a fairer, just and equal society. To join our volunteer group complete the online registration form, or call us on 07960212334

 Members NameInterestsVoluntary Work Done
1Akash FrancisGeneral helpRegular assistance during events since 2021
2Anu SojanArts, Events,
Technical support, Script writing
Regular assistance during events since 2012
Member of Chenda Troupe since 2012
Foodbank volunteer
Script writier for Niswanam 2020
Editing and script for marketing videos
3Ashwathy JoiWomen’s empowermentSubcommittee member of Women’s Forum since 2020 Coordinator of Discussion Forum
4Aslam HabeebTechnical assistance, General helpTechnical assistance at Kerala House and during events Help with maintenance of Kerala House
5Aswathi SasidharanGeneral Help, Stage Shows, EventsRegular help and support for events and activities since 2017
Foodbank voluinteer
Coordinator of IWD 2020 virtural show
Coordinator and performer of cultural shows
6Biju GopinathEvents, Catering, FoodbankRegular support at events
Regular support with catering during events and activities
Foodbank volunteer
7Bobby ThomsonEventsGeneral help during events and activities since 2019
8Gagana PriyanWomen’s empowerment, LiteratureMember of Women’s Forum subcommittee since 2020
Support with coordination of virtual activities
Promotion of WF activities
Editor of Janani 2021
9Gangadharan BabuElders services, General helpHelp and support for Elders services
10Haridas BhaskaranAccounting, AdministrationInternal auditor since 2019
Advisor on accounting and financial matters
11Hena VijayanArts & Culture, Classes, WellbeingGeneral help during cultural events
Regular wellbeing sessions for Elders, women and children
Support at IWD 2017 Celebrations
12Indira RajeendranWomen’s Activities, Elders Services Women’s Forum Subcommittee member since 2020
Coordinator of Domestic Abuse Support Network
13Jasline Shimmy AntonyArts, Events
Children and young people’s activities
Women’s activities
HLF #KeralaRoots working committe member
Grant application and bid-writing
Thiruvathira Club advisor
Safeguarding advisor
Report writing for MAUK events
Creating promo videos of activities
Regular support at events since 2011
Foodbank volunteer
Planning and coordination of Suffragettes Centenary Celebrations
Planning and Coordination of stage performance at Keralolsav 2017
Coordinated IWD 2017
Volunteer coordinator of Our Story Heritage project
Planned and coordinated Children’s Day of KHOC
14Jayalekha PriyanWomen’s empowerment, LiteratureCoordinator of Women’s Forum since 2020
Women’s Forum member since 2018
15Jyothilakshmi MaheshDance, Women’s activitiesDance, Women’s activities
16Karunakaran SudersananSports, Events, FundraisingRegular assistance during events
Foodbank volunteer
17Krishna Preethy Dance, Women’s activitiesPerformed for Onam 2020 and Festive Sangamam 2020
Subcommittee member of Women’s Forum
Choreographer, trainer and performer of dance shows
18Lalitha PillaiArts & Culture, General helpOngoing help and support for Chenda Troupe
Member of Chenda troupe since 2012
Assistance and help at IWD201
Help and support during Annual Day 2017
19Lata DesaiProject Management Advisor for #KeralaRoots
20Mallika RajanElders Services
Women’s Activities, Poetry
Elders Services
Women’s Activities, Poetry
21Nihas Rawther Drama, EventsDirector Board member from 2016 to 2020
General help during events and activities
22Nithin RajEvents, TransportationRegular assistance during events since 2021
Kerala House maintenance
General help
Assistance with building maintenance
Regular assistance during events since 2016
Assistance at Keralolsav 2017
24Prabha SasidharanElders ServiceOngoing help and support of Elders services
25Pravin VijayWell-being and spirituality #KeralaRoots working committee member
26Priyan SathyavrathanLiterature, Arts, CharityCoordinator of Kattankappi series
Content creator, editor and management of ‘coffeandpoetry’ website
Literary contributions to MAUK publications
Assistance with editorial of Janani
Promotion of literary events
27Radha AshokanElders servicesHelp and support for 60+ Sisters club and Thursday Elders activities
28Radha RajanElders servicesSupport for Elders Services,
Interim Coordination of 60+ Sisters Club
29Rajeev AnandanPhotographyVolunteer photographer for all MAUK events and activities since 2017
30Raji GangaharanSports, EventsHelp and assistance during events regularly since 2012
Coordination of sports competitions
31Sanoop VarakkoolArts and EventsRegular assistance during events since 2018
Member of Chenda Troupe
32Sheena NairEducational projects
Stage shows and women’s rights
Subcommittee member of Women’s Forum since 2020
Coordinator of Thiruvathira classes
33Shiny BenuWomen’s Activities, EventsDirector Board member from 2019 to 2020
Regular assistance during events and activities since 2018
34Johnson Abrahim
Technical assistance
General help
Regular help and support for events and activities since 2011
Foodbank volunteer
Technicial assistance during events
Chenda Troupe member
Content creator and editor of promo videos and events
35Srihari NairArts and Events Member of Chenda Troupe since 2021
General help duirng evnts and activities since 2021
36Sruthi RaviYoung people’s activities
Arts & Culture
Regular support at events and activities since 2010
Compere for IWD 2020 celebrations
Regular performer at events
37Subash Sadasivan Project Management Working committee member of #KeralaRoots
38Subashkumar PillaiTechnical Assistance, General helpSupport with lighting and stage setting since 2007
General help at events
39Sudha DasWomen’s ActivitiesWomen’s Forum Subcommittee member since 2020
Coordinator of Akshara Book Club
40Sumathy Raveendran Women’s ActivitiesSubcommittee member fo Women’s Forum since 2020
coordinator of Sangeetha Sayanam musical gathering
41Sunny LopezCatering, EventsGeneral help during events since 2017
Catering for MAUK events and activities
42Suresh BhaskaranGeneral help, SportsOversaw the completion of Thanal House
Building Project in Alappuzha, Kerala
43Suresh Kumar
Arts, events, Elders activities Foodbank volunteer
Regular performer at events
Support with Elders services
44Vimala PareiraFundraising, Stage Shows
Charity and Events
Regular performer at MAUK events
Fundraiser for MAUK charitable endeavours
General help during events
Foodbank volunteer
45Vinod Sukumaran Arts, Events, Elders Activities Trainer, conductor and performer of Chenda Tropue
General help with Kerala House management since 2012
General help during events and activities since 2012
Manager of MAUK Music Troupe – Nisari
Regular performer of musicial shows at MAUK gatherings
46Vishak VijayanArts and Events Member of Chenda Troupe since 2021
General help during events and activities since 2021
47Vishnu Shah Sajeen Events Member of Chenda Troupe since 2021

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