Why Be a Member ?

M.A.U.K…An Extended Family!

Malayalee Association of the U.K. has been in existence since 1974 and plays a pivotal role in

  • Representing the Malayalee Community
  • Working for the social, welfare, and educational advancement of the Malayalee community
  • Promoting Kerala, its arts, culture, and heritage
  • Supporting charitable causes in the U.K. and India

M.A.U.K. has always held a fond place in the hearts and minds of the first and second-generation Malayalees, as it was their focal point to meet and make friends. It gave them a common platform to celebrate their unique cultural identity in a society that was new and inadmissible to them. We have maintained our traditional ties through our activities and have deepened our cultural and social customs.

M.A.U.K. has always been at the forefront of promoting Kerala culture and the richness of our language, the contents of our literature, art, music, and dance. With this end in mind, we regularly organize various events, programs, and competitions involving our members.

In a world plagued with rising suspicions and hatred, we believe that the focus should be on more integration whilst preserving the best of our inherited culture, tradition, and customs.  We aim to achieve this by providing opportunities for our community members to explore the diverse cultures that the United Kingdom offers whilst enabling people from other cultures to experience what both Kerala and we as a community have to offer.

We at M.A.U.K. pride ourselves in providing high standard services and activities in response to the evolving needs of our community. Together we have tackled many issues, fought many battles, and accomplished many heights.   But the work of M.A.U.K. is constant and endless. Undoubtedly, M.A.U.K. can continue to be successful only if it ensures steady and continuous support from our community members. We have come together without divisions or segregations.  Regardless of gender, religious beliefs, political affiliation, or sexual orientation, we welcome all those with interest in the core vision of M.A.U.K. to be part of our ‘Extended Family’.

Benefits of Membership

Get priority access and discounted rates for M.A.U.K. services and activities.  These include:

  • Dance class (Bharatnatyam, Mohinattam, Folk dance, Cinematic dance)
  • Music classes (Keyboard, Guitar, Tabla, Mridangam, Chenda)
  • Trips & tours
  • M.A.U.K. Onamsadhya
  • Sangamam – Member’s gatherings
  • Get Kerala House function halls at a discounted rate for private events.
  • Perform at M.A.U.K. stage shows
  • Take part in the Annual Family Fun Day
  • Take part in the M.A.U.K.’s sports activities, e.g., badminton club, football competitions
  • Take part in other cultural events organised by M.A.U.K. on special occasions.
  • Make use of the Elders services at Kerala House every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Take part in Kattankappium Kavithaum – Literary evenings
  • Publish your articles in our publication Janani and on our blog
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (for the election of the Director Board)
  • Become a Director of M.A.U.K. (as per the constitution)
  • Get an e-Newsletter with regular updates and promotions delivered directly to your email address.
  • Discount offers from our partner organisations and sponsors
  • Take part in a wide range of bespoke online activities

Above all, be part of a fraternity that strives to promote your common identity.

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