M.A.U.K Thanal: The Pulari Project

For those of us fortunate enough to enjoy the luxuries of the festive season, it is easy to forget the crisis that millions face around the world. It is difficult to really comprehend the sheer magnitude of the problems that those less fortunate than us face- daily. Even during festive times.

In a world where millions need our help, what can one person do?

We at MAUK fundamentally believe that together, we can make a difference. We cannot help every single family in the world, but for the families we help it will make a world of difference.

MAUK Thanal’s house building initiatives in Kerala has succeeded in putting a roof over 4 impoverished families, in less than two years. We would like to wholeheartedly express our sincere gratitude for your invaluable support for our charity endeavours to date and humbly seek your continued support for our next house building project – M.A.U.K Thanal: The Pulari Project

Pulari Muraleedharan is a 33 year old homemaker from Attingal, Thiruvanathapurum district in Kerala. She lives with her husband, two children aged 5 and 10 and her elderly mother-in-law. Her husband suffers from cancer and is a patient of Regional Cancer Centre ((RCC) Thiruvanathapurum. One of her children suffers from severe asthma and requires a high level of care. Her elderly mother-in-law is too frail and deteriorating so cannot work. This family are in a vulnerable position because they do not have any savings to fall back on or any relatives who could support them. Their only asset is the five cents of land inherited from her mother-in-law, where they built a a crumbling house (pictured below) with a makeshift roof.

During the recent heavy rainfall, the inevitable happened as this fragile home totally collapsed. As a result, the family currently live in rented accommodation paid for by the Parent Teachers Association of their children’s school.

The plight of the family was brought to our attention by Biju B. G, a Hindi teacher at Pulari’s son’s school. Biju, who has volunteered to oversee the project on behalf of M.A.U.K Thanal, has already used his contacts to prepare a plan to build a 430 SQFT home. The modest plan consists of two bedrooms, a lounge kitchen and a toilet. The estimated cost of building the house is Rs. 6 Lakhs (£6K). We are hoping to raise this amount through generous contributions from kind-hearted individuals so that together, we can help put a secure roof over their heads before the next monsoon.

How much can you spare this festive season for a family in desperate need? Make a kind donation today. Together let’s help at one more family so that they too can share the joy of Christmas and look forward to the happiness that the New Year will bring.

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