Girija Nair Volunteer Awards

MAUK Girija Nair Volunteer Award

MAUK depends on a pool of dedicated volunteers to carry out its day-to-day activities. It was only right that the tremendous efforts, dedication and commitment of MAUK volunteers were recognised. Therefore, in 2003, the Director Board headed by Balamurali Nair, initiated the idea of the esteemed ‘MAUK Volunteer Awards’ in order to celebrate, acknowledge and appreciate the instrumental contributions of our valuable volunteers. This Award was renamed MAUK Girija Nair Volunteer Award at the 2014 Annual General Meeting, in honour of MAUK volunteer Girija Nair, who is sadly no longer with us.

Girija Nair was a sincere, steadfast and selfless MAUK volunteer, who was an inspiration to the community. From the year 2000 until she left us in 2013, she volunteered at MAUK with a very modest approach and humble nature. Girija Nair always projected the true spirit of a volunteer and never hesitated to go that extra mile. She executed many tasks effectively and transformed the lives of many elderly first-generation Malayalees in East London. In 2006, she formed the ‘60+ Sisters Club’, which is still active and meet every Tuesday at Kerala House with a host of activities to engage Elderly ladies including exercise, drama, knitting, performance poetry, arts and crafts etc. It is undeniable that Girija Nair left a beautiful legacy. Her contagious smile and amicable attitude as well as her unparalleled sincerity in serving the community has inspired and attracted many to volunteer at MAUK. Despite her physical absence, her loving presence is always felt at all our Elders services and her legacy still lives on.

Year Winner Achievements
2022 Jagana Priyan For her ongoing contributions to the Women’s Forum and Janani – MAUK Annual Souvenir
2021 Team Thattukada For their steadfast help and support in setting up M.A.U.K FOOB BANK
2020 Sudersanan Karunakaran For general help and support with MAUK regular activities and events.
2019 Aswathy Nair For support with the management of MAUK accounting
2018 Ms Aswathy Sasidharan For support with management of day-to-day activities, contributions to the Women’s Forum and cultural activities
2017 Ms Radha Rajan For ongoing support in running MAUK Elders service
2016 Miss Sruthi Ravi For ongoing contributions to cultural and young people’s activities
2015 Not Awarded  
2014 Mr Sreevalsalan Pillai For overseeing the successful completion of Kerala House renovation
2013 Miss Silpa Pillai For co-ordinating the Family Funday
2012 Not Awarded  
2011 Not Awarded  
2010 Miss Rohoney Ravi Contribution to MAUK’s cultural activities and drive to promote dance
2009 Mr Aslam Habeeb Ongoing support with recording and sound systems
2008 Mr Priyan Sathyarathan For the ongoing support in the design and build of the MAUK website
2007 Mrs Madhuri Premkumar For leading the MAUK Women’s Group
2006 Mr Subash Kumar Pillai For the ongoing support in managing the MAUK lighting system
2005 Mr Sasi S Kulamada Contribution for the growth of the MAUK Cultural activities
2004 Mrs Girija Nair For all-around involvement and support in taking the Women’s Group Forward
2003 Mrs Radhika Balraj Effectively co-ordinating the MAUK Dance Group

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