About MAUK

The Malayalee Association of the United Kingdom (MAUK) is the first and leading Malayalee community organisation in the UK.  Its history can be traced back to V K Krishna Menon’s Kerala Samajam of the 1930s.  In 1974, a handful of members of Kerala Samajam, who settled in the UK along with the newly migrated Malayalees from India and Singapore, registered ‘Malayalee Association of the UK‘ as a friendly society.

In 1987, MAUK Trust was formed and was registered under the charities commissions act as a charitable society.  The same year MAUK also bought its own freehold property: 671 Romford Road, Manor Park, London E12 5AD, which is now known as ‘Kerala House, London’ …the home of British Malayalees. In 2004, both MAUK and MAUK Trust were merged and re-registered as a
charitable company for administrative convenience.

Over the years, MAUK have won many commendations and endorsements from not just the Malayalee community but also the wider public, UK and Indian statutory bodies and NGOs.  MAUK has broken down the barriers of divisions, adapted to the changing demography and needs of the Malayalee community and has grown from strength to strength.  It is still the leading and the largest organisation representing and working for the Malayalee community in the UK.

Major achievements of MAUK

Ever since its inception, the Malayalee Association is the leading Malayalee organisation serving the community and speaking up for their needs and has surpassed many milestones.

In 1987, Malayalee Association was the purchased its own building at the cost of £79,000. 90% of the cost was met through grants from local governmental bodies. The building was later named ‘Kerala House’ by Shri G Karthekeyan, former Electricity Minister of Kerala.

In 2014 Kerala House was renovated and refurbished at a cost of £120,000; one of the largest project undertaken by a UK Malayalee organisation

MAUK’s Drama Troupe- Dishyakala was formed in 1989 and has staged over 25 amateur and professional drama in many venues across UK has celebrated its Silver Jubilee

MAUK Nisari Orchestra is one of UK’s leading South Indian Ganamela Troupe performing in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam

MAUK’s acclaimed Chenda Troupe has performed in Olympics Torch Rally and is a regular feature at Indian High Commission gatherings as well as Temple and Church celebrations in the UK

MAUK’s pioneering project ‘Our Story: Onam’ which facilitated provisions to teach Kerala culture through the ideology of Onam in U.K. primary school was the one of its kind. National Lottery Heritage Fund funded this £50,000 project.

MAUK’s annual Onam celebration is one of the largest Onam gatherings to in UK. It has been celebrated each year since the mid 1970s make it the oldest continuous Onam gathering in the UK.

Keralalolsav 2017- MAUK’s outdoor Kerala themed carnival became the one largest social gathering organised by Malayalees in the UK.

MAUK Dance and Music school teaches over 140 students in various Dravidian Arts and culture

MAUK runs Elders clubs and services for the local community throughout weekdays and has a regular attendance over 50 people from the local community.

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