Dear Friends,
We are all aware of the grave situation in Kerala and are doing everything in our power to relieve the situation. We are also aware that our humble efforts might be a drop in the ocean but we are reminded that the ocean is made of many drops, and even one life saved is worth all our efforts.
I am writing to update you of MAUK’s efforts to help Kerala and seek your support and participation.
So far, we have already earmarked £10K from the MAUK fund towards providing medical pieces of equipment for COVID Frontline Treatment Centre in Chalissery, in Palakkad. The centre will serve 8 Gramapanchayat in Thrithala and Pattampi area.
In addition, on 14/05/2021, we arranged for 300 emergency food and medical kits, PPE, 20 Pulse Oxi Meter, 5 sets of Gluco Meter for the residents of Chennilode Village, a thickly populated impoverished colony near Thiruvananthapuram Medical college.
It’s a dynamic situation and we are getting abundant requests. Our strategy is to release the money for vetted emergency purposes as we raise them.
We are in constant touch with our contacts at ground level and have a dedicated director appointed to follow-up to assess whether each request meets our strict criteria.
As the situation is fast changing for the worst, we are hoping to release funds every two days or so.
We will fund all projects directly through our volunteers in Kerala and rest assured, no money will be channelled through politicians or religious organisations.
We aim to update donors through our Facebook page regularly. Please like and follow
We are counting on your generosity to enable us to reach those worst affected.

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