Onasadya 2021

Onasadya, served on banana leaf and always eaten by hand, typically comprises 25 to 30 items and balances the six fundamental flavours — sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent — among them. Starting with the order in which the dishes are served to the dishes themselves, the feast is a combination of Ayurveda and native wisdom, and has been observed ever since the festival has been celebrated.

Since the mid-seventies MAUK has been serving Onasadhya to its members every year during the Onam (harvest festival of Kerala) season which falls in the months of August or September.

MAUK Onasadhya is renowned for being the oldest Onasadhya gathering in the UK. It is freshly prepared and cooked by our volunteers at Kerala House and the venue under the guidance of our Elders Centre users (first-generation Malayalees). MAUK Onasadhya has charity at heart. Each year, on the same day of our Onasadhya, we serve the same number sadhyas to residents of orphanages and care homes in Kerala.

Once exclusively reserved for MAUK members, family and friends, we now welcome all food enthusiasts to join us for the finest authentic Onam feast served in the UK

After a break in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, UK’s favourite Onasadhya is back. Limited seats available due to restrictions at the venue. Book early to avoid disappointment.

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